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Our commitment to promoting underground culture remains unwavering, offering an environment teeming with inspiration and just a stone's throw away from the azure sea. Immerse yourself in a soothing and inviting ambiance complemented by tasteful decor and a curated soundtrack, consistently updated to reflect the eclectic tastes of G13 Cannabis Club.

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G13 Club Tenerife

Cannabis clubs in Tenerife provide a legal and regulated space for individuals to consume cannabis products in a social setting. These clubs operate under specific guidelines and membership requirements, offering members access to high-quality products and a community atmosphere. Members must comply with club rules and regulations to ensure safe and responsible consumption.

Opening a cannabis club in Tenerife requires compliance with various legal requirements, including obtaining the necessary permits and licenses from local authorities. Additionally, clubs must adhere to specific regulations regarding membership, consumption limits, and safety protocols to operate legally.

Cannabis clubs in Tenerife may have different policies regarding membership eligibility, with some clubs open exclusively to residents while others may accept tourists as members. It's advisable to inquire about membership requirements at individual clubs to determine eligibility.

Finding a reputable cannabis club in Tenerife involves researching clubs in the area, reading reviews and testimonials from current or former members, and visiting clubs in person to assess their facilities and atmosphere. It's essential to choose a club that prioritizes legal compliance, safety, and member satisfaction.

Cannabis consumption in Tenerife clubs is governed by strict rules and regulations to ensure safe and responsible usage. These regulations may include age restrictions for club membership, limits on the quantity of cannabis consumed per visit, designated consumption areas within the club premises, and adherence to local and national laws regarding cannabis consumption.

Cannabis clubs in Tenerife typically do not sell cannabis products directly to members. Instead, members contribute to the club's operational expenses through membership fees or donations, and cannabis products are provided for consumption within the club's premises. Purchasing and selling cannabis outside of regulated channels is illegal in Tenerife.

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